Customer Feedback System in Afghanistan

  • The opportunity of gaining feedback from all of your Customers.
  • True Customer feelings at the time of the experience and not days or sometimes weeks later.
  • Instant feedback to your team giving daily, monthly and year to date performance together with live comments from your Customers.
  • Managers need to react quickly if the Customer is less than completely satisfied, If your Customers are unhappy giving you time to speak to them before they leave.

A happy customer is a loyal customer.

Happy or Not customer feedback smiley face units give customer feedback on whether they are happy or not with the customer service, products and helps your company improve.The smiley feedback pads are versatile, can be used in any retail space, placed strategically to be product specific with smiley faces to engage with customers. 

Place a customer feedback unit at the tills, or in strategic areas in the aisle to improve your service and ultimately build loyalty.

Listen - Care - Correct - Grow

Measuring Customer Feedback is the 1st step towards improving Customer Experience. We help you take that 1st step. Our Customer Feedback solution helps you track your customer’s feedback at all touch points that matter. It could be a waiting lounge, billing payment, entry or exit point or any touch point in-between. The questions or parameters for seeking customer feedback or customer reviews can be customized and changed as per your process..

Never lose valuable customer feedback again

We integrates with the tools you already use to help you centralize all product related feedback.

Getting insights and making the right product management decisions has never been so easy.

Our Customer Feedback System Products

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