Elastix System in Afghanistan

Our Elastix hosted solution is based on the Elastix software provided by the makers of Elastix. The Elastix team has packaged the various components into custom RPM’s stored in their own repository.  Elastix is arguably the most customized and feature rich of all the distributions.  It comes with many additional features not found on other distributions such as calendar, customer relationship management, messaging and billing.  It also includes enhanced graphical statistics via a highly customized GUI.  Users of our hosted servers will enjoy the same experience as they would if they installed Elastix via ISO on dedicated hardware.

  • Run on-premise on Linux / Windows / Appliance
  • Or in YOUR cloud – Google, Amazon, Azure
  • Integrated iOS & Android apps
  • Zero admin and bulletproof security
  • Brand new web client with integrated web conferencing
  • ClicktoCall from any CRM and many more

Why buy the Elastix?

Elastix is one of the most popular open sourced IP PBX’s in the world. It is free to operate and update, allows for unlimited users, and requires no recurring licensing fees, Elastix appliance is tested and certified to run the Elastix O/S smoothly and seamlessly VoIP Supply is the Elastix certified manufacturer of the Elastix Appliance. Our onsite technicians are ECT Certified.

Key Features :

Elastix has various features and functionalities related with all the services available: IP Telephony, PBX, Mail Server, Fax Server, Instant Messaging Server, among others.

  • VIDEO support and Virtualization support
  • Module for automatic outgoing campaigns
  • Graphical configuration of network parameters
  • Incoming/outgoing calls and channel usage reports
  • Voicemail Web interface and Embedded help interface
  • Conferences and Instant messaging serverintegrated
  • Web based email interface and Multi-lingual support
  • Distributed Dial Plan with dundi
  • Web-based operator panel
  • Fax to email customization
  • Centralized updates management
  • Elastix Modules at RPMs
  • PBX-integrated calendar with support for voice notifications
  • Web based management for IM server

What next?

Here at PamirWebs, we support all aspects of VoIP and we can recommend the best solution for you based on the size of your business and your budget. We worked with many businesses (Private and public) and we’re confident that we can deliver the best solution no matter how complex your situation.

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