Free SMS Text Messaging

Free Text Tuesdays and Free SMS Fridays with 1LegCall and ZoneFone!

Send free SMS text messages all day on Tuesdays and Fridays with 1LegCall or ZoneFone mobile dialers or from any reseller, agent or end user panel.

What is the catch?  None!  Cost is $0 to send anyone a SMS text message from 1LegCall or ZoneFone mobile dialers or any panel.  Send greetings to friends and family or send accounts / pins to customers all for free!  Act now!  Offer valid Tuesday, August 17th through Friday, September 17th.

Download the newest version today (version 2,3 and 5)
SMS from panels:
All resellers, agents and end users with a panel can send SMS messages direct from the panel interface. 

Note – Arabic text messages are allowed from any resellers, agent or end user panel, but not currently allowed from 1LegCall or ZoneFone.

Best Regards, Team  | Note: Afghan VoIP is a division of Pamir Webs Inc.