ICT Consultancy Afghanistan

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Finding your way through the maze of IT products and services to work out what is right for your business can be a challenge. That is why we offer a free consultancy service to help you make sense of the IT systems you already have and identify paths towards achieving a system that delivers exactly what your business needs to succeed.


Most businesses have an IT system of some sort. Most business owners would like to get more out of their IT system, for example, accessing company files and email from home or while on the move, verifying the back up, ensuring the security of information, standardizing email signatures or making sure Internet access is not being abused.


During your free consultancy we will ask you about your objectives for your company IT, we will take a look at what you already have and explain how you might go about filling the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be. We will also explain some of the business possibilities of the latest generation of IT systems and, hopefully, open your eyes to some possibilities you didn’t even know were there.


We will explain all of this in plain English/Dari/Pashto and give you very clear ballpark figures as to what the various options will cost whether you later choose to buy from us or not. Finally, all of this information will be confirmed in writing.


We are delighted to offer you a free IT consultancy simply because we have found over the years that the goodwill generated by doing this brings its own benefits sometimes in terms of increased sales for us and sometimes in other less obvious ways. We have made some great contacts and even found many of our suppliers in this way.
To book your Free IT Consultancy now call +93 707 255 600 or just Click Here.