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Sunday, 23 October 2011 11:36
Hello Valued Customer/Visitor,
Nokia, Android and BlackBerry Mobile Dialers Updates Available Now
Talk has been very busy updating our mobile dialer offering to all the latest versions with crisp, clear voice, consistent daily quality and feature rich reseller functions that has come synonomous with the Pamir Telecom brand. We are constantly busy pushing the quality side of VoIP applications and features.
Here is a list of our latest updates on our mobile dialer platforms:
1. BlackBerry Updated
On our first day of release, we found a download issue to some handsets. This issue has now been fully resolved and updated.
Download 1LegCall for BlackBerry directly from 1LegCall website or any reseller website.
2. Android Dialers now available in ZoneFone and FoneFamily brands.
Did you try the 1LegCall Android dialer we released 2 weeks ago? Now, you can also offer ZoneFone and FoneFamily brands to all Android users.
Download the brand of your choice from any reseller website like TalkRightNow or download direct from each of the dialers website listed below or download direct from the Android Marketplace by searching the brand name.
3. Nokia / Symbian - Series A and Series B Nokia phones available for regulated markets.
We have organized 2 groups of Nokia brands for regulated markets. Series A includes - 1LegCall, ZoneFone and FoneFamily. Series B includes FreeUrCell and Tribego. For those resellers located in regulated markets that are known to block VoIP, we highly recommend you give every customers at least 1 dialer from series A and 1 dialer for series B. For example, as a reseller I would give all my customers a 1LegCall version and also install a FreeUrCell version on the same phone. That way, if 1LegCall is blocked, FreeUrCell will most likely be operational and you customer can still make VoIP calls without delay. Again, we high recommend this for all markets known to block VoIP.
You can download both series A (1LegCall, ZoneFone and FoneFamily) and Series B (FreeUrCell and Tribego) on any reseller website or individually on the brands website.
4. Looking for an IPhone Version? Coming soon!
Be on the look out for the Pamir Telecom IPhone versions in the short weeks to come.
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