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Friday, 23 November 2012 16:23
New 1LegCall v3.10.0 Latest Stats
As calls increase, the new 1LegCall v3.10.0 is performing extremely well as expected.  We highly recommend you convert your customers over to  the new 1LegCall v3.10.0 for any customers with Nokia - Symbia 3rd, 5th or Belle editions.   Customers will talk longer, use cards faster and make you, as a reseller, more profit.
The new 1LegCall v3.10.0 is the highest quality mobile dialer technology compared to any dialer in market.
Product ALOC PDD Calls
1LegCall 5.45 9.01 52548
1LegCall Plus 6.92 8.79 43211
1LegCall 3.10.0 7.85 8.94 14468
** Important notes - As you can see in the first 2400 calls, the new 1LegCall 3.10.0 is providing over 2 minutes longer ALOC (Average Length of Call in minutes) than standard 1LegCall (7.85 minutes average vs. 5.45 minutes).   These calls also include reseller test calls which tend to be 1-2 minute call lengths which actually drives the ALOC average down so expect ALOC to be even longer when resellers are done testing.
A few notes -
  • A new install is required.
  • Download sites - Goto any download website,,
  • 1LegCall version 3.10.0 works well in ALL markets, including UAE Du, Etisalat, KSA and Oman
  • 1LegCall ver 3.10.0 is compatible with Symbian 3rd edition, Symbian 5th edition and Symbian Belle hand sets.
  • Given the high quality of 1LegCall version 3.10.0, we have removed ZoneFone, FoneFamily and other lower performing dialers from our reseller websites.   These dialers are still available from the original website, like,, Again, we highly recommend, you replace these dialers with 1LegCall version 3.10.0
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