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Saturday, 25 September 2010 11:15

Comparing Mobile Dialers - Secure the best dialer for your customer

I hope all is well, and your business is experiencing continued success. Today we're highlighting our mobile-dialer configuration details to assist you with any current or future configuration needs you may have.

1LegCall and ZoneFone

With server redundancy, 1LegCall and ZoneFone offer secure and high-quality performance. Its simple installation only requires your account and PIN to activate. And being the only VPN mobile dialers, they are much harder to block in regulated markets.

Of the mobile dialer options, we give 1LegCall and ZoneFone the highest recommendation.

Tips to secure best quality for 1LegCall and ZoneFone:

  • Be sure to install on phone memory - do not use device memory.
  • Be sure your mobile device has the correct date.
  • Remove Nimbuzz or Fring if installed.

Click here for assistance configuring 1LegCall and ZoneFone to your mobile device.


If your mobile device doesn't directly support 1LegCall or ZoneFone, use Nimbuzz to access PamirTelecom's mobile dialers. Nimbuzz works on the widest range of OS systems on mobile phones with data packages. Though the most common mobile phones in the large VoIP markets is compromised of the Nokia phones with the Symbian operating system, Nimbuzz works with a host of other phones as well.

While Nimbuzz makes Pamir Telecom's mobile dialers available for use on devices otherwise not supported, it can at time interfere with call quality.

Click here for for Nokia configuration details.

Click here for iPhone configuration details.

Sip Dialers

Sip Dialers offer higher-quality performance than than using Nimbuzz, but its lack of redundancy exposes itself to inconsistent performance. At times it may lead to service disruption if the hosting IP server goes down completely.

Click here for assistance configuring your built-in Sip Dialer.

Click here for a complete list of our configuration support details.


Thank you and Best Regards,

Pamir Webs Family Ltd. - Pamir Telecom Ltd.

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