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Sunday, 01 May 2011 00:00

Pamir Telecom has some great new developments over the past month that we would like to pass on to you.

 1.  Back Up Plans

As many of you know, local blocking of VoIP services is an every week reality.  How do you combat local blocks?   The best way to combat local blocks is to be sure you and your customers are prepared.  Have a back up plan! 


With Pamir Telecom, we have built in back up plans to keep you customers active.   Be sure you have installed the back up plan with all your customers. 


Mobile dialer back up plan - FreeUrCell

Be sure you have FreeUrCell installed behind 1LegCall, ZoneFone and FoneFamily


If 1LegCall, ZoneFone and FoneFamily gets blocked, FreeUrCell will typically be working. 


PC dialer back up plan - BlackDialer, KlaamClear, KwickConnect

Pamir Telecom just added KwickConnect PC dialer to our family of PC dialers.  Be sure you have one or all PC dialers installed with you customers. 


** Advanced tip - install a back up plan on your competitors customers.  Then, when their main service is blocked and fails them in quality, you will be next in line to get their business!


A proper back up plans keeps you in business even when others are blocked.  Be sure you are prepared! 

2. New PC dialer released

Pamir Telecom's newest PC dialer.  Go to and try it for yourself.  If you need any assistance, be sure to see LIVE HELP tech support.


3. MobeeFree growing fast.

Do you want to sell another VoIP business model along with your Pami Telecom panel?   MobeeFree is the answer.   MobeeFree is a coupon reseller business model.   The rates are set and can be viewed at  In this business model, you set the coupon cost and you also get 2% commission on all your sales.  MobeeFree can easily be sold along with your current Pamir Telecom reseller system.   Go to for more information. 

4. International Call back

As many of you know, Pamir Teleom relaunched our new International call back platform last month.  To date, here are the biggest International call back markets - Angola, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bolivia, Paraquay, Kuwait, India and USA.   If you are selling in any of these markets and want to explore call back, please contact your sales manager.  


Call feature of the month - Call transfer business model

We see a growing trend at Pamir Telecom that is called call transfer service.  This business model uses our Web Call back service found at any of our websites like,, and others.


See here -


How it works:

A. A customer from a remote location calls you and requests for your to connect his phone number to a friend or family members phone number. 

B.  From your PC, go to or any web call back location and enter the 2 numbers provided from the customer and the account / pin number.

C. Click call and the 2 numbers will be connected. 


Simple, easy and effective!  Try it if you are interested! 


As always, if you need any technical assistance, see live help from your reseller panel.  For billing assistance, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , For panel and business assistance, please see your sales manager.

Thank you and best regards,

Pamir Webs VoIP Services, Asia

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