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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 18:35

I love to ask business owners how their website is doing, and I get some really nice responses. Most of the time I get, “Um, gee, I really don’t know.” And sometimes they do know and they tell me that their website’s not doing anything for them. And more than a handful of times, they tell me not to even go and look at their website because it’s too horrible.

If you think about it, most people today use Google to find things, whether they’re looking for printing services or an accountant. Maybe, they need their carpets cleaned or they want to stay in a nice bed and breakfast. Or maybe setup a corporate catering function. If they’re not already plugged into a service or a company, they use Google to find it.

And if you’re not getting any connection through your website, that means that those prospective customers are going to your competitors. That’s right; they’re going to your competitors.

Now, how do you build a successful website? There are two things you have to do. One is you have to get people to your website. And each website does draw some visitor traffic, just because of the text, the content you have on the site. And there are visitors that search by your company name to find you.

But you also need to make your website Google friendly so that when people are searching for services that you provide, they find you. Now, try to find your business in Google. It’s an interesting experience.

Second thing you have to do to build a successful website is to get a visitor to act when they land on your website: to do something; to contact you; to fill out a request for quote form; to download a brochure or a data sheet; to subscribe to your newsletter.

And each contact should offer up their email address in order to connect with you or to download that item. There are many ways to inspire a site visitor to contact your business. And you should use as many as you can.

So ask yourself, is your website building your business?

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