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Sunday, 20 May 2012 13:04

Pamir Web Hosting continues their efforts to consistently push out great quality products at extremely low costs. They have now introduced a web hosting package with 44.99% Off price for BDS's. This makes it one of the cheapest and most competitive packages on the market today for Business Development Service Providers.

The promotion for this discount offer is "BDS" you can place this promotion code while placing order to get your 44.99% discount on the mentioned hosting package "Gold Pro"

Direct link to order the service is:

Just when you think that web hosting couldn’t get more affordable, Pamir Web Hosting come out of nowhere and slap a 44.99% discount on a web hosting package. Pamir Web Hosting is also guaranteeing that price for the whole contract plus the specs you see on the package are the specs you get in the package. It’s completely transparent and dare I say it, an honest approach to getting customers on board.

Perfect for the entry level business users the Gold Package comes with a range of specifications which include: 10 website, 20GB hosting space, Unlimited GB monthly traffic, 24/7 support, cPanel plus more. Even more experienced and technical minded website masters will know the great value in this offer and will be lapping it up – if anything, only because of the price.

RS Masror, Senior server admin & General manager at, went on to say: “We can never sit on our laurels in this industry. You have to pay attention to what your competitors are doing and what your customers are looking for from you as a provider. If we constantly improve our services and reduce the costs then our customers, current and future, will feel they are getting excellent value for money.”

It’s clear that PWH are getting all their ducks in a row and it’s very refreshing to hear a company putting their customers first. Whatever you think you have to agree that a web hosting package with 44.99% discount is absolute good & wholesome hosting pleasure.

Masror concluded: “There are a large amount of people out there who have yet to take the plunge and start creating their own websites. They have the ideas, aspirations and goals. We have and can help with the know-how. We’ve now taken away the price element hurdle and it really should be free surfing from his on in.”


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